Bocconcini al Prosciutto - 13.00
Fresh mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto topped with mushrooms and breadcrumbs and baked in our warm brick oven.

Calamari Fritti* - 13.00
Fried calamari served with our homemade marinara sauce.

Insalata Caprese - 12.00
Fresh mozzarella and sliced, vine-ripened tomatoes served with our olive oil dressing.

Bruschetta Melanzana e Burrata - 10.00
Toasted Italian bread topped with marinated eggplant and fresh burrata cheese.

Antipasto Italiano - 16.00
Mixed imported Italian cold cuts and cheeses for the true Italian flavor.

Cozze Saltate* - 13.00
Black mussels sauteed in garlic and olive oil.

Gamberoni al Fresco - 15.00
A seasonal medley of avocado, tomato and cucumber, served with shrimp.


Insalata Mediteranea - 7.00
Mesculine greens, cherry tomatoes, and fresh mushrooms topped with shaved parmigiano.

Insalata Primavera - 8.00
Oranges, Grapefruit, Apples mixed with gorgonzola crumbles laid on a bed of mixed greens and topped with Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing.

Insalata Mista - 6.50
Mesculine greens with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

Insalata Ceasare - 8.00 w/ chicken 10.00
Crispy romaine lettuce, seasoned croutons, shaved parmigiano and our signature Caesar dressing.

Insalata Pera e Gorgonzola - 8.00
Mesculine greens topped with chunks of Gorgonzola, sweet pears and walnuts, served with blue cheese dressing.


Pasta e Fagioli - 6.50
Tender cannellini beans and pasta.

Tortellini in Brodo - 6.50
Beef tortellini in a light stock accompanied by toasted house bread.



Margherita - 13.00
Mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil.

Funghi e Prosciutto - 14.00
Fresh mushrooms and prosciutto.

Quattro Stagioni - 15.00
Our traditional four season pizza, quartered with the following ingredients; artichokes, prosciutto, mushrooms and sausage.

La Stalla's Signature Margherita - 14.00
Our homemade plum tomato sauce topped with fresh mozzarella and basil.

Calzone - 13.00
Stuffed with mozzarella, ham & ricotta cheese.

Pepperoni - 13.00

Capricciosa - 17.00
Fresh mushrooms, prosciutto, artichokes, sausage, peppers, onions, olives and capers.


Spaghetti alla Carbonara - 19.00
Spaghetti with smoked pancetta in a parmagiano egg cream sauce.

Tagliatelle alla Toscana - 18.00
Fresh Tagliatelle pasta with a homemade Tuscan meat sauce.

Tagliolini allo Scoglio* - 21.00
Squid ink pasta with mixed shellfish in a light tomato garlic sauce.

Fusilli Pesto e Prosciutto - 19.00
Fusilli pasta in a creamy basil pesto sauce with mushrooms and diced prosciutto.

Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina - 18.00
Small potato dumplings in a sweet tomato and basil sauce topped with fresh diced mozzarella.

Orechiette Alla Norma - 19.00
Fresh Orechiette pasta, sauteed eggplant, garlic, fresh mozzarella and salted ricotta cheese in a hearty tomato sauce.

Cavatelli Salsice e Broccoli - 18.00
Cavatelli pasta with sweet italian sausage and broccoli in a light extra virgin olive oil and garlic sauce.

Lasagne - 18.00
Homemade baked lasagne. Lasagne pasta layered with a meat ragu and besciamel sauce.

Raviolo Di Patate Dolci Giapponesi Al Gorgonzola - 21.00
Japanese sweet potato ravioli in a gorgonzola chese cream sauce.


All entrees accompanied by our fresh vegetable of the day.

Saltinbocca alla Romana** - 27.00
Veal medallions topped with mozzarella and prosciutto.

Pollo al Marsala - 20.00
Tenderized chicken breast, pan seared and topped with a mushroom marsala wine sauce.

Pollo Alla Parmigiana - 19.00
Two chicken breasts topped with our homemade ragu and mozzarella cheese.

Salmone alla Griglia ** - 21.00
Grilled salmon.

Filetto di Manzo al Balsamico** - 30.00
Grilled 8 oz. center cut beef tenderloin paired with fresh asparagus, topped with a balsamic reduction.

Pollo al Limone - 20.00
Chicken breast tenderized and pan seared in a lemon and caper sauce.

Costolette D'Agnello alla Griglia** - 28.00
Twelve ounces of prime lamb chops, marinated and grilled to perfection.

Involtini di Melanzane - 19.00
Prosciutto and ricotta cheese wrapped in eggplant, baked in fresh tomatoes and topped with mozzarella.

Spezzatino di Filetto alla Birra* - 25.00
Panseared beef tenderloin tips topped with a creamy button mushroom beer sauce.

* Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

** Cooked to order.

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